Hotels4UThe Hotels4U mission is simple: unbeatable low prices on hotel rooms. But let’s start with the hotels. By allowing hotels to sell the rooms they have left empty, Hotels4U is able to offer ridiculous discounts – savings you won’t find elsewhere. From resort destinations to city stop-overs, you’ll get much more than you pay for and can be confident that your booking is backed by one of the largest names in travel – Hotels4U is a stable, growing company with over 200 staff.

Visit the site to book great hotel deals: Hotels4U

Hotels4U just works. Plain and simple. Search for hotels and discover incredible savings, backed by a Low Price Guarantee. Wherever you are travelling, from Baangkok to Birmingham, Brazil to Brisbane, there are hotels waiting to be booked – for rates at up to 50% off the standard price.

  • Search by destination and travel dates
  • Refine your results by hotel facilities and star rating
  • Research your hotel with the live Trip Advisor reviews included on the Hotels4U site.

Secret Hot Rate Hotels
What, no name? When you search on the Hotels4U site, you’ll see that many of the hotels returned in your results don’t give their name. How come? Well, imagine you had sold half your home made cookies to the gang at the office for £1 each. Then  you realise you still have cookies left and you want to sell them quick – before it’s too late. Now you start selling them for just 50p each – how are the office gang going to feel? They paid twice a much! It’s the same with the hotel rooms. The hotels prefer to keep their identity secret when offering such huge discounts. That’s the only catch – and it’s not a deal breaker, trust me.

By the way, you’ve still got cookie mix on your shirt.

4-Star Rooms at 2-Star Prices
This is what makes the mystery worth while – incredible savings on fabulous hotels. Hotels4U offers you a brilliant way to upgrade to a little luxury while actually spending less than you might have done on more standard accommodation. Of course, if standard is all you need – your saving there too! Win, win and more win. 

If you’re worried that Secret Hotels spells disaster – HAVE FAITH. The customer comments and press reviews alone testify to the quality of the Hotels4U offering. Check them out on the site. Also, bear in mind that you aren’t completely in the dark. When you search for hotels, you can specify the location and facilities  plus the star rating. Although the Secret Hot Rate Hotels won’t give their name, you will be told the facilities available – so if you need a pool (I always need a pool!) you’ll be sure you get one. You also get a map of the area that the hotel is in – so again, you can be confident that you’re getting the kind of stay you want.

Remember – as soon as you have completed your booking and paid, you will be sent the full details of your site. Whilst I use Hotels4U for the savings, I have to tell you that me and my other half really quite like the excitement of this bit. When you find out your hotel and check it out online, you won’t be disappointed. Usually, quite the opposite.   For example, we were travelling in the USA and wanted to spend a few nights in San Diego. We looked around online and found the perfect resort spa – no way could we justify paying that. Off to Hotels4U we went, searched in the same area, asked for similar facilities, found great reviews on a hotel and booked. And yep, you’ve guessed it. It was the same hotel – and a price that was absolutely not the same. 

Just one example – but there are plenty more satisfied stories from all kinds of travellers, praising the great savings from the site.

Low Price Guarantee

You’re going to use Hotels4U for the savings, so you want to know that they are for real. The site’s Low Price Guarantee gives you the confidence you are looking for. Hotels4U state that they offer:

  • The latest deals & low prices
  • A wide choice of hotels

Of course, some standard conditions apply – but nothing that doesn’t make perfect sense

Safe, Secure Booking on a Simple To Use Site
It all sound good, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want 4-Star for the price of 2-Star? But with those kind of great offers, you need to know you can trust who you are booking with. No worries with Hotels4U. Part of the global Expedia group, Hotels4U is backed by experience and takes payment secruity very seriously. Their customer service is great and the site is incredibly upfront about the costs and conditions of each booking you make.

Bare in mind that for Hot Rates, bookings are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged, transferred, or changed, even for a fee. For regular rates, cancellation policies vary by hotel, as well as room type. You can find your cancellation policy on your confirmation email once you have booked but they are also available for viewing on the hotel page, before you book.

Payment is safe and simple. Hotels4U is a secure site that uses the latest security measures and encryption technology, including Secure Socket Layers (SSL), to keep all of your information safe and secure. For more details, see the full privacy policy on the site.

Visit the site to book great hotel deals: Hotels4U


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