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Gatwick ExpressIf you need to travel between Central London and UK’s Gatwick Airport, you have a number of options available… but few of them make as much sense as taking the dedicated train, the Gatwick Express.  

Running from Victoria Station in Central London, the Gatwick Express also works perfectly for travellers going to or from the rest of the UK – Victoria Station is a mainline destination and departure point and also gives you easy access to London’s other main stations. The Gatwick Express isn’t just for Londoners or visitors to the city – it’s a brilliant solution for anyone with a flight from or to Gatwick Airport.

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The journey between London and Gatwick Airport takes 30 minutes on the Gatwick Express and that’s the fastest way to travel between the two. The train runs non-stop and there is a departure every 15 minutes – so you can take a train at the time that suits your travel plans and won’t find yourself having to wait at the airport for hours unnecessarily (which is what happened to me when I choose to travel to the airport by coach!) The Gatwick Express gives you: 

  • Fast and Reliable transfer between Gatwick Airport and London’s Victoria Station
  • 30 minute non-stops journey time and frequent departures to suit you
  • Self-print or e-tickets sent directly to your mobile phone
  • Discounts and savings on fares when you book online at

The Quick & Easy Start to your Flight
The Gatwick Express takes 30 minutes to whisk you from Central London to Gatwick – and 30 minutes to get you back the other way! You’d never do it that quickly in a coach or by taxi – or by car and, with the train, there are no parking worries for you at either end.

Take the worry out of your journey to the airport by checking flight information provided at the departure point in London’s Victoria station. You’ll know your journey’s on track  and, the fact that the Gatwick Express is consistently the most reliable and punctual train operator serving Gatwick Airport, gives you confidence that it will stay that way.

Buy Tickets Online for a Better Deal
Convinced that the Gatwick Express is the best option for your travel? It’s time to look online.
Although tickets can be purchased at both Gatwick and Victoria Station, as well as in-flight with a number of airlines, booking your tickets directly online at is your guarantee of the best price. And why wait? Once you’ve booked the flight, it makes sense to plan your travel to/from the airport, so visit the Gatwick Express site and make a cheaper choice.

  • Select direction of travel, number of tickets and date of travel
  • Results give you all available fares – including discounted offers and savings on return tickets
  • Book and pay for your ticket using secure payment encryption – Gatwick Express accepts Visa, MasterCard, Solo, Electron, Maestro and American Express cards
  • Have your tickets delivered to you by post or next-day courier, sent by email for you to print or sent directly to your mobile phone.

Your Journey on the Gatwick Express

The journey takes 30 minutes and you travel non-stop between London’s Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport in the direction that suits you!

Victoria Station is well located in the centre of London. For the tube, it’s on the Victoria, District and Circle lines. Victoria bus station is next door, and it’s only a short walk to the National Express coach station. Victoria Station is open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday, with the ticket office always open. At the other end of your journey on the Gatwick Express, Gatwick Airport has two terminals. The Gatwick Express station is at the South Terminal – but transit between the two is easy; the inter-terminal transit shuttle service operates 24 hours a day between the North and South terminals and takes just two minutes.

Avoid the Roads, let the Train to Gatwick Take the Strain
If you are used to getting your flights from London’s Heathrow Airport, you may be used to travelling to and from the city by road – and why not? It’s a straight-forward trip along the motorway.
Getting to Gatwick is a different thing.
The route to/from London to Gatwick is on smaller, local roads. There’s the chance of delays and – even in these days of Sat Nav – a chance you’ll get lost. No one likes that kind of stress when you have a plane to catch, a meeting to make or an onward connection to catch. The Gatwick Express solves the problem – quick, direct and reliable. You can also get help with your luggage, with a free porter service at both Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport.

Luggage? I often have a lot… too much for my tiny car! The Gatwick Express has large, easy to access luggage compartments throughout so it’s perfect when you’ve got large cases or even over-sized items such as bikes, skis and boards. Why not make life a little easier? Book your  Gatwick Express tickets online for the best price, every time.

Visit the site to buy tickets – always the best fares online: Gatwick Express

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