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Fun, affordable and sustainable travel since 1989

Travelling the Intrepid way means exploring the world with a small group of likeminded travellers. See more than just the usual sights, become a part of local life. Intrepid believe that travel is one of the most entertaining, enlightening, life changing and fulfilling things you could ever do, and having operated trips for over 20 years, they have got a fair idea of how good it can get. As one of the world’s leading small group adventure tour operators Intrepid Travel is all about experiencing those 'real' moments; be it a laugh with a stall owner while haggling over bananas, an impromptu game of football with the local village kids, a home cooked meal under a starry desert sky or that thrill you get when you glimpse one of the great icons of the world for the first time. Intrepid trips are designed to be different, but one thing they do have in common – without exception – is great value for money. Whether it’s a Thai homestay, a Peruvian trek, an Italian feast or an African safari, Intrepid takes travellers to over 90 destinations worldwide to explore some of the world's most amazing places and discover real people, real cultures and have incredible real life experiences along the way. Intrepid Key points of difference… * Independence * Small group size * Guaranteed departures * Responsible Travel * Freedom, flexibility & varied itineraries * Great value for money * Trip styles to suit everyone * Streamlined online booking

Intrepid Travel

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