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Cheap worldwide holidays

Alpharooms offers the very best deals on flights, holiday accommodation, transfers, car hire and holiday insurance. Alpharooms allows the customer to pick and choose from the elements listed above to fully customise their holiday.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on transport and accommodation when travelling. will show you how to find chic and cozy place to stay at only a fraction of the large hotels’ price. Add up a great offer of flights and some insurance deals and you will get your perfect vacation for only half of the price you imagined.

Budget vacations can be fun

With 70, 000 hotels available all around the world, Alpha Rooms is the place where you should start your search for a comfortable, stylish and cheap place to stay for your next vacation. Seaside locations, ski resorts, exotic places and cultural capitals are all on with great deals for accommodation and transportation. Thus, there is no need to change your plans because of your budget. Just browse throughout the destination list, choose your favorite and start examining the offer. You will find discounted tickets, great hotel deals and last minute offers that will not only help you stay within the planned budget, but will also make your vacation a real success.

Holidays vs Hotels

For some people, vacation packages are ideal. If you can find an advantageous all-inclusive package you have a place to stay, free access to different entertainment options from the hotel and meals for the entire period. Sometimes, trips or sightseeing are included in the price. So, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Others love to plan their trips, to indulge in the local cuisine and adjust their travel destinations along the way. They want to have the freedom of choice and explore the areas in their own way. For them, a place to stay is all you need to book in advance.

Alpha Rooms respects both types of travellers, so that you will find a “Holiday” section for those willing to book their vacation in detail from home and a “Hotels” section where you can choose only the accommodation. Both sections entice you with great prices and unbeatable offers, so that you will hardly resist the temptation of booking a few days more for your holiday. You have reviews from the people booking through the site and for some venues there are also reviews from tourists using, so that you get to see the good parts and the downfalls of every hotel from the perspective of those who have actually been there.

Book your flights with Alpha Rooms

If you are not interested in packages with transport included, then you will need a means of transportation to get you to your destination. Airplanes are fast and convenient, so they seem the best option you have, especially for long distance travelling. In addition to that, you can use Alpha Rooms’ website to choose and book your flight for special prices. You will not even believe how cheap a flight can be!

Holiday Extras – Little things that matter

How many times you wished you have rented a car for sightseeing or an airport shuttle to make your transfer to and from the hotel easy and comfortable? Airport shuttles, car rental, insurances and currency cards are minor issues which can make or ruin your vacation. Take care of them all on in the “Holidays extras” section. It will take you only a few minutes to put everything in order. Nothing gives you more peace of mind then when every problem is solved in advance.


Planning to hit the road with a large group of people? Fill in the form under “Groups” section with your contact details as well as with some basic information about your group and you will be contacted by the website’s staff who will present you with the available offers in this section. This personalized approach will save you lots of time and will make your task of finding a place to please everyone as easier as it can be.

Undecided – Find your perfect destination with Alpha Rooms

If you have not yet decided which will be your next destination, click on “A – Z Destination” and see all the countries where Alpha Rooms can provide you with accommodation. There are plenty from which you can choose and once you start surfing from link to link, you will have a full list of places you want to see. Make up your mind and see what Alpha Rooms has for you.

If you cannot decide on the spot, sign up for newsletter and receive the hottest offers as soon as they are posted on the site.

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