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Since the beginning, Orange has always stood out – I guess it might be the colour, but it might be the combination of exceptional network coverage, a brilliant range of phones and inspiring customer service. With Orange you get all the benefits of a large organisation plus a friendly, personal touch that makes you feel a little bit special. Whatever phone you are after, start shopping on the Orange Shop site and you’ll soon have a short list that suits you.

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You’d expect Orange to stock the latest phones and they always seem to deliver with models from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and, of course, the iPhone. Orange lead the way with introducing Windows phones in the UK and now have great deals on the exciting new Windows Phone 7 from HTC. Whether you choose a pay monthly contract or prefer to pay as you go, you’ll find something for every budget and regularly updated online exclusive deals to help you save even more.
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Many of the networks offer different pay monthly plans, but when you read the small print, it can be hard to see the difference. Orange have made life easier with easily distinguishable plans designed around different types of user, so whether you are a Panther who wants multimedia access and fast data, or a Racoon who loves to chat and wants unlimited land line calls, you can get a plan as good as the mobile phone you’ve just chosen! Pay as you go customers are also catered for. Orange knows that not everyone is the same, so their pay-as-you-go plans include the Monkey (great for music lovers, with free tunes) and the Camel (perfect for travelling abroad). Check out the website and brighten your day with a great mobile phone service from Orange.

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