ExpansysWhether you love technology, are a card-carrying geek or just need a new laptop, you’ll want to discover Expansys. A truly global online consumer technology retailer, Expansys is all about discovering the latest and the greatest – from smartphones to tablets, laptops to TVs, they’ve got it covered. Excellent reviews, detailed specs and fantastic daily deals make this a site worth remembering.

Visit the site to be first for technology: Expansys

Expansys prides itself on great prices – and great information. It’s about getting the best from technolgy, discovering new gadgets first and having the right information to ensure you buy the tech that will work for you. The site is packed with products and the search and refinement tools make pinning down the one for you a dodle. Along with a fantastic range of must-have accessories and have-to-have cables and connectors, the site offers shopping for the following categories:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Computing – PCs, Printers & Networking Needs
  • Cameras
  • Entertainment Technology
  • Sat Navs

Mobile Phones
If there is one area of technology where things are always changing, it has to be mobiles. Expansys is a great way to check out the very latest phones and be sure that, when you get your next one, it won’t be outdated a week later. The site offers deals on contract mobiles – read fantastically FREE handsets! – but also dedicates a lot of space to handset only shopping. Perfect if you prefer to keep your tech and your provider separate. 

Expansys stocks SIM free and Dual SIM phones from every leading manufacturer – Apple, HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson to name just a  few. Please, if you like to be ahead of the game, they have some new comers and lesser-none wonders just waiting to be discovered.

Tablets & Laptops
Certainly the new big thing, it can be hard to know where to start with the sudden explosion of new tablet tech – not to mention the constant innovation in laptops. It’s here that a site like Expansys really comes into it’s own, with details and reviews to help you navigate the options and find a gadget that’s good for you. 

Naturally, you’ll find iPads aplenty, but you’ll also be able to discover other options. Plus, with the Expansys ‘sign up’ feature, you can check out what’s coming soon and be the first to know when the latest kit hits the streets.

One area of the Expansys site that has really impressed me is the Camera section. To be honest, I anticipated finding a few pretty compacts and not much else. How wrong I was! They carry a great range of products and cater for photographers at every level. From child’s play simplicity to serious DSLR, it’s all there – with the same great information and pricing you find across the store. 

Explore cameras from leading manufactures and the smaller names that the pros turn to daily. Accessories and DSLR lenses are also listed and the site makes browsing all the available technology in this ever-growing market a real pleasure.

Entertainment Technology
When it comes to Home Entertainment, there’s more technology than you can shake a USB stick at these days. How can you compare and review so many different options? A visit to www.expansys.com should do the trick!

From the latest in home cinema and 3D TV, to gaming consoles and sound systems, the site showcases a range of products to suit every home – and every budget. As with the other categories on the site, with Expansys, I’m always impressed when I find more than I expected. Alongside PlayStations and beautiful Samsung TVs, you’ll find MP3 players, eReaders and even DJ equipment!

Safe, Simple Shopping
Some sites offer a lot but leave you lacking confidence. Expansys is different. Once you’ve found what you are looking for – and, trust me, on this site, you are going to find it – payment and delivery are secure and straightforward. 

You can choose to pay either with your credit or debit card, or by using some of the most popular ways to pay online, such as via PayPal, Google Checkout. My personal favourite is the fact that you can check out your Amazon account. I love this as it means I can use a payment system I already trust and don’t feel like I am sharing my card details with yet another site.

Delivery options can be tailored to your needs (your impatience!) and your budget. Choose from:

  • Next Day
  • Standard (2-5 days)
  • Free Delivery (2-5 days for orders over £50)

And if, by chance, you aren’t completely delighted with your new tech, or decide you need to return you gadget – Expansys makes that easy too with a dedicated Returns Department to help you out. You really can’t go wrong using this site to get the right technology, first.

Visit the site to be first for technology: Expansys


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