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The Three store online offers the latest in 3G enabled handsets from the 3 network. You’ll discover all the latest phones from Androids, through Smartphones to, of course, the iPhone. But what really makes 3 Mobile stand out is their revolutionary approach to charging. Take a look at The One plan before you commit to any other contract because, it just might be the only one for you.

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Welcome to The One

Three has recently moved away from a world of data allowances, giving The One Plan customers all-you-can-eat data, challenging the limited offers and additional charges other operators levy on smartphone users.

The change is aimed at giving customers peace of mind when it comes to data ‘ so they can surf, email, update, watch, listen or play freely on their smartphone – making the most of all it can do.

This is the second time Three has challenged the UK mobile industry with The One Plan.

When The One Plan was introduced in July it was designed to be the most competitive offer on the market ‘ giving customers all the calls and texts they need each month for one simple and affordable price, along with 1GB of data.

But customers say the fear of incurring unexpected data charges is one of the biggest barriers to really making the most of the new smartphone world. With the advent of high definition videos and games, not to mention apps, maps, social media updates, emails music, video calls and much, much more usage will continue to grow and with it the need for a plan that provides reassurance.

So, to ensure their customers continue to experience peace of mind, on the UK’s biggest and best network for smartphones, Three has decided to buck the trend and give people all-you-can-eat data on The One Plan.

Set your smartphone free with 3

While other operators are restricting the data their customers can use before they get hit with out-of-bundle data charges, on The One Plan all limits have been lifted on the amount of data you can consume on your mobile.

The One Plan now offers customer 2,000 any-network minutes, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5,000 texts and all-you-can-eat data – all from just £25 a month.

Three came first in the most recent YouGov Smartphone Mobile Internet Experience report, and the YouGov iPhone survey, as the number one network in the UK for speed and value.

Following a £400m project to upgrade and improve Three’s 3G network ‘ which was already the biggest in the UK ‘ it now covers more than 97.3 percent of the UK population.

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