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H.Samuel Gold Buying Service

Why Use H.Samuel to Turn Your Gold Into Cash?

They have been the UK’s favourite jeweller for over 140 years and are now the most popular online jeweller in the UK. They have always offered quality jewellery, watches and a superb range of care and repair services and now you can also turn your unwanted gold into cash with them.

Customer Based Service

They thought that their customers deserved a safe, secure way to exchange their gold for cash. To do this they now offer their customers very competitive prices and the reassurance of using a service that is run by one of the biggest brands on the UK high street; H.Samuel.

There are many reasons why you would choose one Gold Buying company over another, but they believe that their reputation sets them apart from the competition and offers a reassurance that no other company can offer. This confidence, alongside their very competitive gold prices, makes them the best choice for turning your gold into cash.

Here are some reasons why you should choose H.Samuel to recycle your gold

  • You know who they are.  Anyone can offer to buy your gold, but they are one of the country’s most famous retail brands with the expertise, experience and resources to offer you peace of mind.
  • More money:  They offer the most competitive rates or your jewellery back
  • Quick payment:  Once you accept their offer they will send you a cheque within days
  • Simple service:  Their service is easy, straightforward and has no hidden costs.
  • Free Postage:  send your jewellery to them for nothing
  • Peace of mind:  the contents of your package are insured up to £500
  • Security and confidence:    For their customers’ safety and security, every package they receive is videotaped while it is being opened, enabling you to log in and view your very own valuables being unpacked and weighed. They will keep you informed as your transaction is being handled – with complete transparency every step of the way.

For all of these reasons and many more, they believe that they offer the best service for anyone looking to turn your unwanted gold into cash.

H.Samuel – GOLD

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