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Internet is like oxygen for social life in modern communities. If you don’t have internet access, you don’t have access to information, high speed communication, top games and entertainment and most of all, no access to social networks. It’s almost like … without internet you don’t exist.

This is why it is important not only to have a computer (laptop, PC, tablet or whatever similar device you can think of) and an internet connection, but it is essential to have a broadband connection that will let you move with the speed of sound from one page to another.

Also, it should not fail you when you need it the most and it should have a reasonable price (even better if you can call it cheap) as you will need it monthly, probably for the rest of your life. PlusNet boast to have the most affordable broadband connections. They even guarantee that their 40 Mb broadband standalone pack is unbeatable on the UK market. Now, this is something you cannot refuse. Yet, before committing to their services, let’s take a look on their website ( and see what they have to offer.

Residential vs. Business

The first thing we like about them is that they offer personalized solutions for residential and business users and the two different sections show how much they value each type of clients. The home page is default set for residential users, so if you are a novice in searching the internet you will find this feature quite useful, especially when you can find everything you need in a matter of minutes.

Pricing ‘ Options and Low cost areas

Plus Net is an internet and phone service provider, so you can have phone and internet from the same provider. This means one bill, one phone to call when something is not working the way it should as well as some facilities for clients having both phone and internet services. Yet, if you are only interested in the internet service, then you can have it. Well, that is what we call flexibility.

Another thing Plus Net are flexible about is pricing. They have devised three types of markets and have adjusted their offers accordingly. Markets where there are no other providers or where there are less than 4 providers get discounted prices and special offers. Check out the type of market your area is considered on and get an estimate of the internet and phone services for you.

Contact Options

As mentioned above, you need to trust your internet provider and proper communication is the main key towards clients’ trust. With Plus Net you don’t have to wait until morning or the next working day. If an issue appears you can contact them on the spot by phone (at one of the numbers listed on site) or by mail. There is also a Help & Support center on their website where you can find out answers to your questions or be given solutions to your problems when needed. So, make sure you have a valid account to log in when you have problems.

Your Account

Talking about accounts, your Plus Net account is not only useful when in trouble. Checking your phone and internet bill, viewing your usage or given phone calls are only some of the things you can do when logged in. Plus, all these actions are free of charge and highly useful when planning your resources.



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