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Plusnet Business Broadband

Plusnet Business Broadband has been successfully delivering high-quality, well-supported business broadband products for over 10 years. With industry leading network management and dedicated support for your business there’s no other choice for value and service than Plusnet.

All broadband isn’t the same

There’s broadband, then there’s Yorkshire broadband.

Good, honest and reliable. The way things are in Yorkshire… and at Plusnet, they think it sets them apart from the rest of the broadband providers out there. But just what is it that makes them different? Take a look below to see.

Award-winning service based in Yorkshire

They reckon it’s true what folk say about Yorkshire modesty, but they’re proud of  their award-winning service. So if you do have bother with your broadband you can rely on them. As winner of the ISPA Awards 2010 ‘Best Consumer Customer Service ISP’ they’ll give you dedicated 24/7 help, either online or over the phone.

Self Help

Don’t fancy ringing their help desk? No problem – you’ll always be in good hands with them. To help you they’ve made lots of straightforward, no nonsense  support pages and tutorials, to browse. So, you might just fix your own problem and become an expert in next to no time.

Always happy to chat

No one likes feeling like a (Yorkshire) pudding. That’s why they’ll welcome you as a valued member of  their community. Natter with them and other customers on their  discussion forums  or check out the  blogs  from their very own Web know-it-alls. You’ll find out how to get the best from your broadband thanks to their news, hints and tips.

They’re fair and square

If you’ve ever been frustrated because your broadband provider keeps you in the dark, they think you’ll be happy with them. They speak up, fairly and clearly to give you the full picture. If they’ve messed up, they’ll tell you about it and explain what they’re doing to fix it, rather than try and hide information.

Traffic management

Some broadband providers don’t like to talk about traffic management, even though they’re using it on their own networks. That’s barmy. They’ll tell you exactly  how they manage their network  to make sure you’ll always get fast web browsing, gaming and VoIP.

Grand for gaming

Loads of their game-loving customers (and staff) told them they needed a rock-solid online gaming experience. So, they went away, had a think and made  Plusnet Pro  – just for them. It’s a dedicated gaming service that’s hard to beat.

Save money for telling your friends about them

They can shout from the rooftops about how good Plusnet is, but who better to spread the word than their own cheery customers? They use it, so they know what it’s like. If they’re selling it for them, it’s only proper that they reward them. Join them and  you’ll make a saving each month  or even make a profit.

They go back a bit

In 1997 Plusnet was born. Over the years they’ve seen the Internet change into what it is today. And, thanks to a mixture of hard work, listening to their customers and learning from a few mistakes, they think their home-grown broadband offers you a service that’s ‘just right’.  Read about their history.

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