JustSlimIf you are ready to lose weight and feel healthier, you’re ready for a method that works. No fad diets, no yo-yo weight loss and gain – just a straightforward, supportive program based on scientific principles. That’s what you get with justSlim. 

Your justSlim plan is based on a healthy, balanced eating approach to weight loss. There are no ‘fad’ diet methods, no gimmicks and no unrealistic ‘quick fix’ promises with justSlim. 

Visit the site to discover how this program can guarantee weight loss: justSlim

justSlim works because it recognises that everyone is different. When you sign up, the first thing you do is complete your individual profile. Assessing this allows the justSlim program to tailor everything around the way your body works – so that the program will work for you. Here’s what you get when you join the program:

  • Your personal profile assessment
  • Tailor-made online diet plan
  • Your plan manager
  • Your shopping list generator
  • Your alerts
  • Your results tracker
  • Your food database
  • Access to the justSlim community

The justSlim Philosphy
The diet created for you is based on your needs – that’s why you start your membership with justSlim by completing a personal assessment.

The diet that you receive is designed around a number of key philosophies – all of which add up to losing weight. This principles make the difference and are clearly explained on the informative website. At the heart of the program, is a commitment to the following common sense, scientific principles

Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss
Your justSlim plan will ensure you have a calorie deficit each day. You’ll be using more energy than you consume – putting you on to a weight loss trend. It’ll be safe and it will be effective.

Zig Zag Method
Your justSlim diet is based on a zig zag method. One of the problems with losing weigh is the plateau. You start off doing really well and then, suddenly the weight won’t shift – despite your best efforts. The zig zag approach is designed to address this – your calorie intake is periodically increased to match your expenditure and therefore prevent your metabolism slowing. 

Protein Power
Protein is a real help when you are trying to lose weight. It keeps you feeling satisfied for longer, helps you control hunger and keeps your body burning calories. For all these reasons, your justSlim plan will provide with another protein to take advantage of all these benefits.

Carbohydrate Control
justSlim is not an “anti-carbohydrate” diet. Rather than restricting the very thing that provides valuable energy and helps you digest food, this plan helps you choose good carbs, suggesting wholemeal, fibrous options, mainly fruit and vegetables, at the right time of day to suit you and your activity level.

Good Fat
Fat is not the enemy when following your justSlim plan – but the wrong kind of fat just might be. Your plan will ensure you get plenty of good fats and are able to consume them without losing control.

Meal Frequency
With justSlim you eat 6 times per day (3 meals and 3 snacks). Your metabolism slows without regular meals because the body believes you have gone into starvation mode and acts to conserve calories and then to store those calories eaten at your next meal. By eating little and often you keep your metabolism high and prevent glucose and insulin plummeting and causing cravings and hunger.

‘Real’ Food
The recipes in your plan include food in the form nature delivered it. No highly processed foods that try to convince you they are an alternative for the real thing will be prescribed to you.Your plan will contain a limited amount of processed foods to make your weight loss journey enjoyable and manageable.

‘Treat’ Meal
Your plan will allow you one treat meal or snack every week, chosen by you, at a time when you want to enjoy it. Deprivation of your favourite foods only heightens the way the brain values the food, which is why justSlim is incorporating your favourite treat into your plan in a controlled way. This will prevent your cravings and give you that little something naughty to look forward to! However, you may not even want it once you see how well your body is adapting to the plan and you see yourself closing down on your goal!

Sometimes you will mistake hunger for thirst. Your justSlim plan will guide you on how much fluid to consume each day to ensure you are always hydrated. justSlim advises having a glass of water before every meal to make you feel full and satisfied sooner.

Diet Tools Designed to Work
It’s all very well having someone create the perfect plan for your diet – but if you can’t follow it, it’s too complicated or there is no variety in the foods you can eat, then we all know that it’s doomed. You need a diet that you can stick with, that is easy and convenient to follow and that fits into your life. This is where justSlim really wins.

Choose justSlim and you’ll get access to a fantastic range of tools and resources – all designed to keep you on track and take the drudgery out of dieting. Tools and resources include:

  • A Daily Menu – perfected for your individual requirements
  • Food Heaven and Food Hell – lets you choose only the foods that you love
  • Quick Swap tool – to allow you to change any meal in an instant
  • Shuffle – a whole new menu at the touch of a button
  • Menu Tuner – gives you control over your menu
  • Shopping List Generator – one click and you have your shopping list complete in every detail
  • Honesty Booth – to get you back on track if you over indulge
  • Your Daily Diary – to share your thoughts and experiences
  • Motivational Messages – to ensure your success
  • BMI and Ideal Weight Calculators – to provide accurate information
  • Target Tracker – to let you see how far you’ve come

Support and Advice
Alongside the range of tools and planning resources, the justSlim website provides a fantastic range of advice and support to help you in your weight loss journey.

When you sign up, you gain access to the justSlim community. It’s great to know you aren’t alone and this community allows you to chat with the justSlim team as well as hundreds of other members who are making the same positive changes in their life as you are. Whatever the time, whatever your question or concern, there’s someone there to help and listen – and you’ll feel great about providing the same support to others.

The justSlim site also contains lots of expert advice in their articles and news updates. Discover the truth about the latest fads and read reassuring comments on the dieting methods that really work – it’s the perfect place to go on those days when you need motivating to stay on track.

Weight Loss Guarantee 
All diet programs claim you’ll lose weight – of course they do. But how many are so confident that they will guarantee it?  justSlim is.

They are so sure of the method and individual planning that they use, that if you don’t reach you weight loss goal in 6 months, they will give you another 6 months membership for FREE. It’s a measure of their success – and a great sign that, once you join, you’ll be seeing success too.

Visit the site to discover how this program can guarantee weight loss: justSlim


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