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The best for your family’s health

Premium Fish oils and organic Flax Oils.

When it comes to wellbeing nothing is more important than a healthy heart.

The amazing benefits of both fish and flax oil have been unanimously recommended by highly qualified practitioners and organizations around the world. Even the conservative American Heart Association has posted their praises of Omega-3 essential fatty acids in maintaining a superior cardiovascular system.

Healthy and Essential’s high quality Omega- 3 products such as Plushinzo-3, MorEPA, and Barleans organic forti-flax reach beyond the spectrum in supporting brain function, immune system boost, healthy eyes, skin, and joints.

They are passionately committed to offering you the most potent and pure natural supplements to ensure a strong and vibrant future, and offering natural health maintenance for the whole family.

Everything they have on their website has the vital stamp of approval from their supplement expert, Dr Tom Gilhooly GP. If a product doesn’t get Dr Tom’s approval, they don’t sell it, and they keep searching for something that does. If nothing exists, they create their own product to market-leading specifications, like with their range of Omega-3 products, IdealOmega3, IdealOmegaTaste and the comprehensive multi-vitamin nutrient Baseline am/pm.

If a product you buy from Healthy and Essential doesn’t meet your expectations for purity, potency and value for money, they’ll give you your money back. ¬†With over 20,000 satisfied and loyal customers, they are committed to maintaining their position at the forefront of innovation, development and quality.

Free postage on orders over £50

Health and Essential Ltd

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