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GARDEN BIRD SUPPLIES The very best for your garden birds

Garden Bird Supplies has the widest selection of wild bird food in the UK! GBS is one of the UK’s leading mail order suppliers of high quality bird & animal food. ┬áThe also sell Bird Tables and Boxes.

Garden Bird Supplies has grown into the UK’s largest specialist supplier of wild bird-related products by mail order. They now have by far the widest range of quality foods, feeders, nest boxes and accessories, all tested for safety and effectiveness

The quality and nutritional value of the many bird food mixes available these days varies in the extreme. It is absolutely essential to buy a good quality mix to guarantee the very best nutritional content for your birds. Cheap foods are widely available but are far from the best as their tests show.

Garden Bird Supplies are proud to be a founder member of the BSA (Birdcare Standards Association) which is an association of the UK’s leading suppliers of wild bird foods and other bird care products. All members have to operate within the stringent criteria laid down by the Association, covering safety, nutrition and hygiene.

The Garden Bird Supplies range of bird foods has been carefully formulated to provide the very best, safe, balanced and nutritious diet for all types of garden birds.

Garden Bird

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