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Were you Mis-sold PPI?

If you’ve taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 10 years, you may have been mis-sold PPI. If so, PPI Return can help you claim compensation. They’ve recovered over £11.5 million so far and as a division of Goldsmith Williams Solicitors, they have the expertise to make your claim a success.

To date they have claimed back over £7.5 million in cash refunds for their Clients – see how much your claim could be worth using their PPI Claim Calculator. If your loan is ongoing you can also see how your monthly repayments might be reduced as a result of a successful claim!

The mis-selling of PPI has become a prolonged scandal that has involved the scamming of thousands of people over a number of years. Dishonest financial advisers have taken advantage of their clients and for a long time were able to get away with it. Plus, banks have made huge profits by selling PPI, as only 10 percent of claims are ever paid out!

Many people have been sold PPI without even knowing about it, let alone agreeing to it. Others have been sold PPI because they are self-employed or have pre-existing medical conditions and want to protect their policies and their income. This may seem like it was a sensible idea and it should have been but it has turned out that for many, this PPI would not even cover these people if they did need to claim.

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