Promod is a women’s fashion store chain with more than 650 outlets around the world that delivers affordable, feminine and easy-to-wear fashion clothing and accessories.Visit their website and find their collections with style news, fab offers and sales. Their French designers have created an irresistible e-shop!

Promod dress up and down all modern women that are looking for affordable, feminine and easy-to-wear fashion. Their inspiring collection offers a wide range of frequently updated items from more timeless seasonal must-haves to more cutting-edge designer-inspired fashion pieces.
Mixing and matching Promod’s clothes and accessories, ¬†you can create this little “je ne sais quoi” that will spell out your own fashion style

Promod has its own clothes designers that create some 3,000 models a year for all your fashion moments: work, evenings out, casual wear…

All through the year, ¬†their team of designers and buyers comb the world to track down the newest fabrics and the latest international style inspirations that will add a unique appeal to Promod’s collection.


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