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Immerse. Accelerate. Measure.

Firebrand Training provides you with the fastest route to professional certification. Guaranteed.

Wherever you are in the world, they have a purpose-built training centre available. Here you will experience accelerated learning delivered by industry-experienced professionals.

Have you ever been on a course, where you spent only a few hours training each day, and it took weeks, or even months to complete? Not at Firebrand Training. They aim to deliver courses in half the time of anyone else. But what really makes Firebrand unique is that you will take your exams and achieve certification as part of the course. This is the ideal measurement of success and will save you time, money and effort.

Firebrand Training offers best-of-breed courses accredited by all of the big names in the industry. The working day will generally last 12 hours, and courses run seven days a week – delivering the maximum amount of knowledge in the minimum amount of time.

Accommodation and meals are free. You will stay at their  training centre  for the duration of the course, where you will be fully immersed in the subject.  Winner of Training Company of the Year a record three times  , Firebrand has delivered accelerated certification to thousands of students.  Take a look at what they said about the Firebrand experience.

How does accelerated learning work?

Firebrand Training is able to offer accelerated learning thanks to its original lecture / lab / review process:


You will be in a learning environment where there are no time restrictions. Your instructor will not be rushing away for lunch and no one is eager to catch the first train home. Appealing to both auditory and visual learners, instructors use demonstrations and real-world experience to keep the day interesting and engaging.


Many benefit from this form of kinaesthetic learning. In their state-of-the-art labs you will be able to practice what you learn. The labs are available 24 hours a day – this really is your chance to fully immerse yourself into the subject.


Take this opportunity to ask any questions and seek guidance from your instructor. With most training courses you will wait months before sitting the exam. Not at Firebrand Training. They operate the largest exam centre in the country, and you sit your exams as part of the course. Instructor-led self-test systems ensure you will be fully prepared for the exam.

Why Firebrand?

Whether you are self-funding, or being backed by your employer, Firebrand Training is the cheapest option. Accelerated learning means that you’ll be spending more time doing what you want to do – although they enjoy your company, you won’t spend much time with them.

Firebrand Training’s accelerated learning provides a very attractive return on investment. An example of this is the  MCTS / MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification, which takes less than two weeks to complete. Elsewhere, this consists of ten separate weeks of training; which can take as long as two years. Imagine the earning potential or career progression opportunities that could pass by over this period.

At Firebrand they are passionate about their training, and they want to take you on this journey with them. Call a member of the Firebrand team, and find out which training experience is right for you.

Firebrand Training

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