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Bundles of brilliant broadband, phone and TV:
Get the fastest with Virgin Fibre Optic Broadband packages.

Unbeatable Virgin Broadband

What’s great about getting your broadband from Virgin Media is that they can actually tell you how great they are. Or rather OFCOM, the industry watch dog can. In the latest survey, Virgin Media received the fewest complaints about their broadband and phone services – that’s fewer than Sky, BT or Talk Talk.* So, if you choose Virgin, you can be pretty sure you’ll be happy. But will you be quick? Hell, yeah. In this year’s broadband speed test results, Virgin Media ranked as the UK’s fastest broadband – for the third year running.** Pretty good, eh?

*Source: Ofcom, “Telecoms Complaints”, April 2011. Fixed-line telephony and broadband providers with a market share of 5 percent or above.
**All average download speed data comes from Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published in March 2011, based on Ofcom November/December 2010 tests.

So, you’re sold on the broadband? Wait till you hear about the bundles. You see, what’s brilliant about Virgin Media is that you can get everything and they can do everything well. Build your own bundle including broadband, phone and TV – and then go mad and add your mobile phone too! The more you add, the more you save. Sounds simple; works wonders.

The right call - phone services from Virgin Media

Virgin Phone – you can’t lose

Changing your landline phone provider…. does the idea worry you? Why? Frightened you’ll end up paying more and losing the features and services that you are used to? Absolutely no need to fret. With Virgin Media – you’ll get more, not less. Add Virgin Media Phone services to your internet and TV package and you’ll discover that more for less really is possible.

With Virgin Phone you’ll get last number recall (1471), number withhold (141) and voicemail all free. Just like you do now. Then, there’s more. Add any of a number of helpful features – some free, some at a small charge – or bundle up the ones you fancy and pay less. Just choose the phone package that suits how and when you use the phone and remember that ALL Virgin Media phone packages include:

    • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles, either at weekends, evenings and weekends, or anytime
    • A fantastic choice of calling plans to help you save on international calls and calls to mobiles.

You choose with Virgin Media TV

TV from Virgin Media – it’s pretty much all about you.

Virgin TV is cable TV. So straight away that’s one good thing – no daft dish on the side of your house. And from then on, things just keep getting better really. Virgin can offer you a massive choice of channels (up to 160 if you go for the XL version), hundreds of films on demand, HD and more sport than you can shake a hockey stick at. Whatever you want to watch, they’ll have a package to suit you and your family. Choose your TV package or add to a Broadband/Phone bundle to save even more. If you want to keep things simple, opt for a straightforward set-top box, or get more for your money with a V+ HD Box that works like a PVR and allows you to record and save the TV you love.

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