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BT Broadband


BT Broadband 

BT Broadband offers the most complete UK broadband packages.

Switch to Broadband and join millions of other homes already enjoying the UK’s most complete broadband.

They’ve made it quick, easy and painless to switch with no break in your broadband service.

All BT Broadband options come with FREE access to unlimited Wi-Fi broadband at over 2.8 million public hotspots and you can connect how and when you want: on your laptop, netbook, Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

The new BT Home Hub router gives you their best ever wireless signal thanks to smart wireless and ‘N’ technology. It also has built-in security and is more energy efficient.

Enjoy the web without the worries: they’ll give you anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall protection for up to seven PCs, plus an easy way to control what your kids see online,  all powered by security giants McAfee.

All their broadband options come with easy to use, generous online storage to help you protect all your precious photos, files and more, and let you share your files easily with family and friends.

They automatically give you the fastest broadband speed available on your phone line, and generous usage limits to suit how much you and your family use the internet.

BT Infinity is their new fibre optic superfast broadband, giving you eye-watering download speeds of up to 40Mb so you can do so much more at the same time at high speeds.

It’s easy to get up and running with BT Infinity. To make sure you get off to a great start, they’ll send an engineer to set up your new broadband connection at no extra cost. 

Call their broadband helpline free from your landline 24/7, or get help online with guides, a huge range of questions and answers, customer forums, online videos, help on Twitter and more.

BT Broadband 

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